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I’m an agency owner + athlete + peak performance coach with 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience + trained in all things tech, longevity, fitness, nutrition, human behavior, and cognitive science.

I live what I preach using science-backed strategies to prioritize work/life balance, focus, discipline, and productivity. 

Discipline and freedom are a way of life— maintaining the effortless 80/20 balance.  I walk the talk. I promise. 🤞🏼

  • Taught myself how to code + design at 9.
  • I can develop, design, and write in my sleep.
  • Been consulting ever since I could remember.
  • Been writing forever (started my first blog when I was 11).
  • Began my career at 19 in video games for 10 years.
  • Was the UI Lead on the no.1 video game in the world throughout my early 20s.
  • Quit that 9-5 & traveled the world alone for 2 years on my road bike.
  • Launched multiple e-commerce brands and stores from zero in highly competitive industries. Built food delivery businesses from scratch. B2B, B2C.
  • Built 7k mailing lists in >3 months.
  • Built my first 12k+ mailing list before I turned 20 (organically before social media was a thing).
  • Worked with multiple high-ticket clients with a reputation for over-delivering.
  • Addicted to learning, books, podcasts, reading, and writing.
  • Certified Flow Coach trained under the Flow Research Collective.
  • Became a certified Holistic Nutritionist (initially to heal myself).
  • Began “bio-hacking” and studying nutrition science as a hobby in 2014.
  • Haven’t fallen off the wellness bandwagon since I began in 2009. Working out and nutrition come as easy to me as brushing my teeth.
  • Lived in chronic pain for 2 years after a head-on car accident.
  • Healed myself naturally + holistically when I lost my health in 2020 by harnessing neuroplasticity, behavior change, nutrition, stress reduction strategies, and energy medicine (biofeedback & meditation).
  • Master at energy management. I never have creative blocks.
  • I travel the world alone with my road bike in the alps, rain, snow, or shine. 
  • I take daily cold showers and plunges, and hot weather don’t phase me. Everything I do is to build grit + resilience.
  • I can teach you how to be fearless: I’m the type of person who can land in a new city, book accomodation on the way, and decide where to go on the day of. 😉  Adaptability is everything.
  • I had bad days but no matter how difficult life is, I wake up excited to live every single day. I can teach you how to master cognitive reframing for a resilient mindset.

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stay well-rounded

I want you to be equally obsessed with your career, relationships, wellness, social life, and everything in between. Life is too short for mediocrity. ✌🏼

✓ more confidence
✓ more opportunities
✓ live effortlessly in flow
✓ more money + more time
✓ take advantage of your biology
✓ unlock your power to live unapologetically


Being an athlete, I pride myself in being disciplined. My career has been largely centered around human behavior but also as a Holistic Nutritionist, and having studied nutrition science and biohacking since 2014, I can turn you into a well-rounded powerhouse with an unbreakable foundation. 

Areas I can help facilitate growth in your well-being:

  • Fitness Guidance
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Weight Loss
  • Gut Health & Reducing Bloating
  • Relationships
  • Developing Good Habits (Behaviour Change)
  • Emotional Regulation (EQ)
  • Nervous System Reset
  • Strategies to Combat Stress
  • Breathwork & Meditation
  • Understanding Your Brain (Your Most Precious Asset)


With 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience in e-commerce, web development, branding, design, coding, copywriting, and digital marketing, I can guide you in building your business. I’ve built online stores and brick-and-mortar.

Accelerate your career & business development:

  • Business/Career Growth
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Productivity & Focus
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Cultivating Limitless Creativity
  • Learn How To Work Smart
  • Entrepreneur Support
  • Tools, Strategies, and Frameworks for your Business
  • Building Your Personal Branding
  • Setting Up Your Online Presence
  • E-commerce Strategy