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Unapologetic Personal Branding

Are You Ready To Step Into Your Light & Become A Bold Personal Brand?

Join the 3% of creators on Linkedin, the fastest-growing social platform, and stand out as a confident thought leader people actually want to listen to.

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An Opportunity You Shouldn't Miss.

Think of Instagram in it’s heydays back in 2014.

more than a billion global users
use LinkedIn daily
0 %
average income of 40% of users
$ 0
more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter
0 %
businesses registered
are consistent creators
only 0 %

Why You Need To Be On Linkedin, like yesterday.

Only 2% of a billion+ users consistently create.

What This Means For You: You have a huge chance of standing out.

Linkedin is changing. It’s no longer about boring, stuffy, corporate content. It now represents real people looking to connect authentically.

Mega Bonus: It’s filled with peak performers ready to take action, buy, and collaborate.

Invest To Rise Above Mediocrity Before It's Too Late

Why You Need Us

There’s a lot of noise out there. You’ll need more than an optimized profile and content strategy and compelling copy.

You’ll also need a bold, unapologetic personality that oozes high energy.

You need to be memorable. You can’t be afraid to stand out.

That’s where healthy wealthy unapologetic branding comes in.

Why You Need To Become A Brand

your personal brand makes you recession proof.

What if you got laid off? You rush to update your LinkedIn profile hoping to get the attention of recruiters amidst a sea of profiles trying to do the same.

Imagine if you already had a personal brand with a community of engaged followers online. Best of all, it doesn’t feel like work because it’s a part of your personal development journey.

We’ll Help You:

✓ craft your brand positioning
✓ become a confident thought-leader
✓ create organic leads & opportunities
✓ build confidence as you build in public
✓ have a platform for you to express yourself creatively

Healthy Wealthy Lifestyle Design | Unapologetic Personal Branding | Peak Performance Coaching

Something Is Holding You Back

Life begins when you stop caring what anyone thinks.

People don’t start because they’re afraid of failure. They ‘re afraid of what people will think about them.

Join us outside of the comfort zone, boo. It’s much more fun out here. We hate average and break societal norms.

Our Services

  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Proven-Systems To Maximize Efficiency
  • How To Network & Engage Strategically
  • Professional Branded Templates
  • Copywriting & Story-Telling
  • Live Feedback & Reviews
  • Accountability & Support
  • 1:1 Peak Performance Coaching

Slay The Fastest Growing Social Platform

Hurry before it's too late! Your change to be part of the top 2% of creators is right now.

It’s never too late to start but always too late to wait.

Stand out amongst over a billion users.

Build your brand now while everyone else is being left behind.

a note from your coach:

Hi, I'm Kate.

Why work with me? Because I walk the talk. 🤞🏼

Kate is an INTJ, futurist, contrarian thinker, and loves to be intellectually stimulated. With an extremely no-BS approach to life, she doesn’t believe in conforming to mediocrity. Walk the talk.

My life is unconventional. I break all societal norms. I haven’t had to apply for jobs nor had a job interview since I began my career in 2007. There’s not much I’m afraid of other than spiders.

Let me teach you how to be an opportunity and abundance magnet.

Stay Curious • Plant Seeds  🌱