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What Is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership.

A coach’s role is to guide you into making the right decisions for you by holding you accountable helping you expand your mind.

I’m here to be your non-biased BFF. I’ll hold your hand but I’ll push you out of your comfort zone.

Entrepreneurship is a hard and lonely road. If I didn’t have anyone to talk to or point me in the right direction when I was stuck, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

When I was running multiple online businesses and my design agency, I invested a few thousand dollars on a coach resulting in consistent six-figure profits in my businesses.

I never had to worry about finding work and had absolute time freedom because it prepared my mind and armed me with tools to design a lifestyle of my dreams.

The value I got from coaching was priceless and it would have taken me much longer to get here if I were to do it on my own.

To maximize value from coaching, an ongoing relationship with is the key to achieving goals and creating long-term positive change in your life.

We work together to customize a framework so it works for you and to keep you accountable.

We will also schedule recurring bi-weekly coaching calls where I will hold you accountable for your goals.

There may be “homework” between sessions, but don’t worry, they are fun and designed to help you grow! I mean, you chose this after all. 😉

Peak performance coaching is a method designed to create a sustainable lifestyle by taking a holistic big-picture approach. We don’t just take a look at individual parts of your life but we take an integrative approach to all career, lifestyle, and nutritional changes to improve our clients’ health and well-being.

Using proven science-backed strategies, we will design an effortless strategy to accelerate your path to health and wealth.

We want you to be obsessed with all aspects of your life: career, relationships, and everything in between so you can effortlessly show up as your best self every day!

Why focus on one desired outcome when you can have it all?

I have 15+ years of real business and life experience. I’ve worked in video games for ten years, run my own digital agency, and I’ve have built and branded businesses from the ground up (online and brick and mortar). I write a work/life balance column.

I have a track record of delivering high-quality work.

I’ve also reinvented myself a couple of times throughout my life, and I am extremely passionate about transformation.

I study cognitive science, peak performance, psychology, intelligence, and creativity so I can help you get quicker results to reach your goals.

I am also a certified holistic nutritionist, also trained in sports and weight-loss nutrition. I have maintained a consistent workout routine since 2007 so I know my ropes around the gym— form, function, and all. I’ve also been studying functional medicine to heal myself.

Before I became a cyclist, I was a gym-rat and Crossfit lover. I know how to push hard and stay motivated. I’ll share my tips and tricks with you so you never fall off the bandwagon, like me.

**I will not give medical advice but I will arm you with knowledge and point you in the right direction and provide resources so you can make your own informed decisions. 

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You’re not only getting a business coach but I’m trained in all things fitness and nutrition. I prioritize work/life balance daily. I don’t just talk the talk but I walk the walk. You can read about my story here.

WEALTH: entrepreneurship, business strategies, sales, marketing, personal branding, career development, decision-making, and optimizing focus and productivity.

HEALTH: peak performance, meditation, fitness, nutrition, cognitive sciences, weight loss, sports nutrition, brain health.

*I’m also trauma-informed but I will refer you to a licensed therapist if we discover you need trauma work.

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FULL TRANSPARENCY: My coaching style may not be suited for everyone.

Radical transformation requires hard work.

I am here to be your non-biased BFF who will hold your hand but push you out of your comfort zone. Real friends call you out when you’re not showing up because they want you to grow. Don’t worry, I’m nice about it. 😉 And I’m fun to hang out with!

THE PROBLEM: Some teaching methods tell you to work harder, be grateful, and stay positive.

That’s all fluff.

You don’t need to “try harder” or settle for less. Being the high achiever that you already are, you already got this! But you are still spinning your wheels because you’re not in alignment with your purpose.

I am going to help you get MORE of what you already are.

🤞🏼 I promise I won’t suck up to you.

🤞🏼 I promise I am going to help you level up.

🤞🏼 I promise I am going to respect your journey but help you develop grit along the way.

🤞🏼 I promise we will have fun along the way!

I knew very early on that I’m the product of my environment and if I want to succeed, I need everyone around me to succeed.

We hire coaches to fast-track our career and life to success.

An insight is one thing. Transformation is another.

Every experienced leader knows that the fastest way to level up is with a mentor or coach.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on coaching, training, and coherts the last couple of years and there is a huge difference when you have someone with experience guide you than doing it on your own.

The path to success is also a hard and lonely road.

Many of your peers and even family may not understand the struggle you’re going through. From my own experience, having an experienced, like-minded person to talk to when I was building my businesses made it a bit easier and more fun. It’s all about the journey right?

Many successful leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs from Oprah to Bill Gates all have coaches or mentors because time is money and we hire coaches to take us to the next level faster than if we were to do it on our own.

Investing in yourself is always a good idea.

We work on ourselves at the gym but so many of us forget to exercise our minds. The uncomfortable truth is that life is always going to be a challenge and we can all benefit from having a coach or a mentor.

What value am I getting out of coaching with you?

  • A personalized experience with intensive 1:1 coaching and an intimate mentorship.
  • The internet gives you generic advice and what works for someone else may not work for you. A coach will give you a personalized strategy to help you fast-track your way to success.
  • A safe space for you to express yourself and be head, seen, and understood.
  • A qualified expert with over a decade of business and life experience that aligns with your goals and values.
  • Unique insights. I’ve built businesses and brands, transitioned from a 9-5 to entrepreneurship, never had to “look for work”, created my own personal brand, healed myself from trauma, and mingled in so different lifestyles you wouldn’t even imagine.

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  • to get faster results
  • accountability (we are generally terrible at holding ourselves accountable)
  • Are you ready to learn?
  • Have you been feeling an itch that you just can’t get rid of?
  • Have you been doing it on your own and not getting anywhere?
  • Are you sick of living the way you are and want to make a radical change?

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

If you are still unsure, please get in touch for a free consultation!

I don’t recommend coaching packages for less than 6 months and the reason are backed by science. On average, it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit. If you’re doing to do it, do it right.

I use this analogy with climbing mountains on my road bike: the longer climbs always seem easier because they give you a chance to get into flow state. You’re only going to see serious results if you choose to commit 100% because the process of change takes time.

In the first two months, we break down old habits, and from there, we will begin to build new habits through mindset shifts to accelerate your path to health and wealth.

My coaching consultations are like fun, casual interviews where we get to know each other to see if we are the right fit.

Even if you know you are 100% in for 1:1 coaching, I recommend you schedule a free coaching consultation with me so you can drill me with any questions you have!

It’s also important to find out if we are the right fit for each other because the coach and client relationship must be in alignment with our values.

I am available for 15-20 minute spot coaching in case you have an SOS, a meltdown, or are feeling stuck. I am here for you!

There are also add-ons available to your coaching package.

No, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to create more time freedom in your life, I am here for you.

My coaching methods explore how to be a well-rounded person so you can succeed in all aspects of your life from your career to your relationships, and everything in between.

My clients tend to be ambitious and ready to put in the hard work to change. They just need that extra push and guidance. They’re not afraid to hear it as it as.

You have to be open-minded and able to take constructive criticism because that is required for growth. I only take clients who are ready to put in the work and learn.

Firstly, ask yourself: do you really don’t have enough money or are you afraid to spend the money? The mindset shift from scarcity to abundance is a journey that I prioritize in my personal transformation.

People will spend $20 on a meal but not $20 on a fitness pass. This scarcity mindset will hold you back from being healthy and wealthy.

That $20 spent on fitness is going to have long-lasting benefits from a better well-being, happiness, and confidence that translates to success in your career, relationships, and life.

Please feel free to book a free coaching consultation and we can work together to see if any solutions are available.