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We believe in extreme ownership.

be better than yesterday.

Our mission is to create a world of well-rounded, extraordinary high-achievers, equally obsessed with their careers, relationships, wellness, social life, legacy, and everything in between.


🌱 executive career coaching. life coaching. peak performance coaching. accountability coach. mindset transformations. holistic nutritionist. sports & weight loss nutrition. NLP certified.

🎭 creative strategy. writing. copywriting. ecommerce. branding. web development. wordpress development. shopify. dropshipping. user experience. design. SEO. growth marketing. content strategy. project management.

hobbies & interests

📚 writing. learning. neuroscience. science. functional medicine. holistic healing. podcasts. growth hacking. biohacking. reading. entrepreneurship. meditation. psychology. behaviour change. road cycling. climbing mountains. cooking for health. fine dining. traveling.


☑ my mind
☑ my body
☑ time freedom
☑ relationships
☑ experiences

my manifesto

  • Walk the talk.
  • Time is the most precious currency because you will never get it back.
  • Keep your standards high: the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.
  • There is a solution for everything
  • Structure creates freedom.
  • Unlearning is just as important as learning
  • We don’t see things how they are. We see them how we are .


I know a thing about discipline and I can teach you how to succeed in business and life by instilling the mindset of an athlete.

I have 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience and have been committed to fitness since 2007 without ever falling off the bandwagon because it’s a lifestyle.

I have never worked for money— only passion.

You can easily clear 6-figures working whenever and wherever you want if you train your mind to be able to predict trends and make smart decisions by mastering how to detach from outcomes.


Strive to be well-rounded.

That means showing up in all aspects of my life: health, wealth, relationships, and everything in between.

I love living a luxury lifestyle but I spend most of my time outdoors in the paincave, climbing mountains on my road bike.’

Let me show you how. ↓

Discipline Equals Freedom

→ I live life to the f*cking fullest and so should you.

I’m extremely well-traveled, mostly solo throughout my 20s, and I mainly travel to climb mountains on my road bike.

I have a no-BS approach to life.

Because of fitness, my mind is wired to run toward mountains and challenges fearlessly. It only sees growth and opportunity

I live unapologetically, and fearlessly, and I ask for what I want.

If you do that, you will always get what you want.

I’ve successfully rewired many bad habits into good habits and so can you!

I can teach you how to stay laser-focused, consistent, and disciplined.


My Trauma + Burn Out Healing Journey

I burnt out from chronic stress of starting multiple businesses, a head-on car accident, and severe trauma from leaving a toxic relationship in the summer of 2020.

I am nearing the end of my healing journey but:

  • I lived in chronic pain for 2 years.
  • I couldn’t eat without being in pain because my digestive system shut down.
  • I was going blind in my right eye from a concussion.
  • My hormones and mood were a mess. I would cry at my health practioners’ every week.
  • Worst of all (hah), I couldn’t ride my bike! My beloved road bike.

Can you imagine how devasting this was for a high-functioning athlete who lived in optimal health and peak performance for 10+ years?

But no one would’ve guessed because when I’m stressed, I refocused all my energy on healing, my businesses, and maintained a consistent exercise routine.

I refused to let anything get in my way of a happy life. I knew I was going to heal myself— I had ZERO DOUBTS.


…especially during the pandemic when no doctor would see you in person.

So I took it upon myself to heal.

Just like I taught myself how to do everything else (code, design, start businesses, lose weight, etc).

Nothing Worthwhile Comes easy.


Does your life look good on paper but your personal life sucks?

Not judging! I’ve been there. Many high-functioning (and aspiring) entrepreneurs and creators prioritize wealth but forget about health.

As a serial entrepreneur and athlete with 15+ years of real business and life experience, I designed a life I don’t need a vacation from by not taking conventional career and life advice and being obsessed with wanting more + taking control of my mind.

Forge your own path by asking questions while not conforming to mediocrity because the fast track to greatness is to stop caring what other people think and living fearlessly. Being a peak performer who shows up in all aspects of life.

Obsession is required for greatness.

I’m def not boring. I live my life to the fullest. So should you.

I’m not your conventional coach. I’ve done crazy things in my life and believe we should all live unapologetically.

work smrt. play smrt.

Life will never get easier but you can get better.

Time is the most precious currency.

We’re going to do it right and LIVE SMRT because we only have one life to live.

I’m that girl who turns her nose up at a guy who pulls up in a Maserati (what’s that?) but doesn’t have a consistent fitness routine. 🫠 What’s the point?

It doesn’t matter where you are in life— married with kids, single, happily living with your cats… we can all benefit from being well-rounded.