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Unapologetic Personal Branding

Are You Ready To Live Fearlessly?

We are in the business of building people to become big, bold, unapologetic brands through peak performance coaching.

✓ live life on your own terms
✓ stop caring what others think
✓ put health x wealth on autopilot
✓ build unshakeable grit & confidence
✓ create a life you don’t need a vacation from

Why You Need A Personal Brand

Be Unbreakable & Recession-Proof

What if you got laid off? You rush to update your LinkedIn profile hoping to get the attention of recruiters amidst a sea of profiles trying to do the same. Imagine if you already had a personal brand with a community of engaged followers online. Best of all, it doesn’t have to feel like work because it’s a part of your personal development journey.

Be equally obsessed with your legacy, career, relationship, wellness, social life, and everything in between.

3 Pillars For Health x Wealth

The HxW Method


Prioritize Brain Health.

We’ll all going to lose our looks but we’ll always have our brains. Take back control of your life by learning about neuroplasticity. Once you have control of your brain, you have control of your life.


Optimize For Longevity

We’ve got anti-aging wrong. Aging is inevitable but it’s a disease that can be slowed down. Focusing on longevity will cover all aspects of your health, leading to confidence and wealth.


Build Grit.

In the midst of a severe comfort crisis, building unbreakable grit and resilience makes life’s difficulties and challenges feel effortless. Learn to pre-condition your mind to thrive under tough conditions.

An Uncomfortable Truth

Obsession Is Required For Progress.

If you want it, you have to put in the the work. There are no shortcuts when it comes to greatness. Stop ignoring your calling because you fear judgement and afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Let's reprogram your mind. ↓

9 Hard Truths: Why You're Stuck

*awareness is the first step to transformation*

1. You fear what people think.

Fear of failure and rejection can be paralyzing and is often what holds us back. ✓ Stop caring what people think and your life will exponentially level up.

2. Your standards are low AF.

Because you lack confidence and underestimate your self-worth. ✓ Raise your standards and refuse to settle for less.

3. You embrace medicocity.

Mediocrity is safe and comfortable. You resist change and cling to the easiest path where nothing grows. ✓ Live on the edge of your comfort zone where the excitement is.

4. You Play Victim.

You lack accountability and blame everyone else for your problems. ✓ Take control of your life, shift from victim to empowered mindset, and overcome obstacles by fostering resilience and growth.

5. You Seek Perfection Over Progress

You paralyze yourself with unrealistic expectations and hinder your progress, preventing you from reaching your full potential. ✓ Embrace progeess, action, and embrace failure but never repeating the same mistake twice.

6. You Lack Discipline.

Freedom requires discipline and consistency. ✓ Flex your mental muscle and establish powerful habits to propel your progress using science-backed methods.

7. Your Mindset Is Outdated.

You prioritize short-term pleasure over long-term success. ✓ Play the long game by implementing strategies tied into longevity science and brain health.

8. Your toxic trait is people pleasing.

You can't help anyone until you help yourself. Putting others' needs before your own will lead to burnout and unfulfillment. ✓ We teach you how to say no and enforce boundaries,

9. You consume more than you create.

You waste time you'll never get back by mindless scrolling while putting money in someone else's pocket. ✓ Build your Healthy x Wealthy personal brand because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Who Is Personal Branding For

Own Your Legacy

Creators are stuck and burnt out because they lack discipline and systems

Whether you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, solopreneur, in a transition, or anyone ready to level up your life, we’re here to help.

We teach you to reprogram limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck, and be better than yesterday.

Be equally obsessed with your legacy, career, relationship, wellness, social life, and everything in between.

Healthy Wealthy Lifestyle Design | Unapologetic Personal Branding | Peak Performance Coaching
Say No To Mediocrity

Be obsessed or be average.

Levelling up is a choice. Average is where all things go to die because you never get out of your comfort zone. We will help you end your toxic traits once and for all. ↓
Hardwire your brain to Well-Rounded.

Live Fearlessly.

People never reach their full potential because they fear what others thinks. I walk the talk and I can help you build confidence maintain high standards, and show up— online and offline. ↓

Because Time Is Money

Your Personal Brand Is Your Personal Growth.

Let's kill two birds with one stone. Unleash your true potential and embark on a transformative journey of personal growth as you shape and cultivate your healthy x wealthy personal brand at the same time.

We teach high achievers how to show up online and offline.

✓ how you do one thing is how you do everything
✓ people buy from people, not companies
✓ your energy IRL matters
✓ energy doesn’t lie

Healthy Wealthy Lifestyle Design | Unapologetic Personal Branding | Peak Performance Coaching

Work SMRT. Play SMRT.

Don't believe anyone who tells you that you can't have it all.

Stop playing small. We teach you how to live fearlessly and unapologetically because we have one life to live.

We Maintain Sky High Standards

We Turn Your Extraordinary Personality into a Healthy Wealthy Personal Brand

People will unconsciously diminish your light and stoop to their level because of their insecurities. We say a hard NO to that.

We amplify your strengths. Encourage you to shout louder. Reject mediocrity. 

When you step up, you’ll master self-actualization, thrive on the edge of comfort, and create your own opportunities.

The Process

Our personalized coaching uses direct, science-based approach for transformational holistic business and life coaching.

We hold your hand but force you out of your comfort zone. 

01. Mindset

Chase growth.

Build better habits.

Take back control of your mind.

Master self-actualization and extreme awareness.

Hardwire your brain to get excited about problems.

02. Healthy

Look good, feel good.

Build confidence and strength.

Discover profound inner peace.

Master your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Optimize the foundations: nutrition, sleep, movement, sunlight, thoughts, and relationships.

03. Wealthy

Master your time.

Achieve abundance.

Never run out of creativity.

Upgrade your money mindset.

Be 500% more productive and burnout proof.


Build Authority With Your Extraordinary Personality

The Healthy x Wealthy Personal Brand Builder

✔️ be recession-proof
✔️ develop insane confidence
✔️ get outta your comfort zone
✔️ stay curious & learn in public
✔️ inspire others to live fearlessly
✔️ a platform for creative expression
✔️ stop caring what other people think

Healthy Wealthy Lifestyle Design | Unapologetic Personal Branding | Peak Performance Coaching

The Case To Upgrade

What does it mean to be Healthy x Wealthy?

We want you to be equally obsessed with your career, relationship, wellness, social life, and everything in between. Show up in all aspects of life. Be well-rounded and inspire others to do the same.

In this world of hustle and bustle, where everyone is racing to the top, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

But what if I told you that building a Healthy x Wealthy Personal Brand could help you stand out, and achieve fulfillment and financial abundance?

It’s a way to shout to the world who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to offer to find your tribe.

And there’s zero risk— you have nothing to lose.

1. Future-Proof Your Mind + Body + Spirit

We’re stuck in a severe comfort crisis. Learn to be burnout proof as you build the grit and resilience to survive in a world that’s speeding up exponentially.

2. A Platform For Creative Expression

Tap into your inner childlike wonder and curiosity. Creativity is a fundamental human need that make meaning of our experiences, and connect with others on a deeper level.

3. A Personal Growth Journey

Your personal brand is your identity - who you want to be known for, what you stand for, and what people will remember you for. It'll evolve as you grow throughout your life time.

4. Be Recession Proof

People buy from people, not faceless corporations. A well-crafted personal brand can establish you as an expert in your field and build credibility. When people trust and believe in you, they buy,

5. Build Community & Inspire Your Tribe

Show your tribe it's possible to live on the edge of their comfort zones, shout out loud, and declare your passions to the world so you erase the noise and attract like-minded individuals.

6. Leave an Extraordinary Legacy

By living authentically and fearlessly, you give others the courage to do the same.

Stay Curious • Plant Seeds  🌱

Hi, I'm Kate.

Why work with me? Because I walk the talk. 🤞🏼

Kate is an INTJ, futurist, contrarian thinker, and loves to be intellectually stimulated. With an extremely no-BS approach to life, she doesn’t believe in conforming to mediocrity. Walk the talk.

As a serial tech entrepreneur, creative strategist, writer, and columnist, she’s also an athlete who prioritizes work/life balance. She taught herself how to code + design at nine and runs a full-service digital consulting agency.

Kate is a certified flow and wellness coach and a holistic nutritionist. Passionate about wellness, she prioritizes her mind+body for peak performance.

On her spare time, she writes, reads, lots of good times with friends, and explores the world on her roadbike. She healed her body naturally when it shut down from chronic stress, a head-on car accident, leaving a toxic emotionally-abusive relationship, and burnout during the summer of 2020.

leave a legacy that inspires others to enjoy living on the edge of discomfort.​